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The Ministry of Time (in the original Spanish, El Ministerio Del Tiempo) is a TV show that I really like. This is a shrine page, because I just learned that's a thing people can do.


What is it about?

The Short Version: Julián, Amelia, and Alonso are recruited to a secret government agency, the Ministry of Time. Their job is to travel through time to stop rogue time travelers from changing history for the worse. Julián is from the 21st century, Amelia is from the 19th, and Alonso is from the 16th, so they all experience various degrees of culture shock each episode, and hijinks and comedy ensue.

The Long Version: If you had the power to change the past, would it be better to go back and prevent the tragedies of history from ever happening, or keep everything the same to avoid the risk of unintended consequences? The Ministry of Time's mission is to keep history the way it is, which means restricting time travel to approved Ministry business and keeping the whole thing a secret. To this end, their main recruiting strategy is to pick up people who have few if any close connections to others, e.g. family, friends, significant others. The problem, of course, comes when the reason your recruits have no connections is because the people closest to them have died... and now you've given them the power to go back in time and prevent those deaths. This problem is most explicitly personified in Julián, whose life has been shaped by his grief for his dead wife, and his everlasting longing to go back and prevent her death, which he attempts but fails to accomplish. Other characters face variations of the same situation and deal with it (or don't) in their own ways.

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